Mold Inspection and Testing

What is our Mold Inspection and Testing Process like?

 To identify any and all possible problems with mold contamination at any given site, the first and most important step is to conduct a visual inspection. Our goal in conducting this inspection is to (1) identify actual mold contamination, (2) identify conditions that might lead to microbial growth, and (3) detect the presence, or the potential presence, of mold.

The 5 Step Process

Step 1

We locate and isolate the potential problem areas in your home or business. To do this we search for signs of mold growth, including actual mold which is growing on your walls, and also for signs of moisture hidden somewhere behind your walls. Characteristic signs of moisture include: water spots on walls, excessive condensation on your windows, actual leaks, unevenness in the foundation, clogged gutters, and gaps and cracks in the exterior of the property.

Step 2

We conduct a close visual inspection of all ventilation systems, as well as all air conditioning and heating units. We are in particular looking for dampness in filters, but we are also looking for any dampness in other parts of the system. And we are also doing a check for general cleanliness.  

Step 3

After conducting our visual check of all potential problem areas for the actual presence of mold growth and for any evidence of heavy moisture, the next step is for us to pinpoint the cause, i.e., the source, of the moisture.

Step 4

We will take swabs and air samples from those places that we have determined to be conducive to the growth of mold. As we do so, however, we will at all times be mindful of the fact that due to ventilation systems, heating systems, air conditioning systems and fans, cross-contamination can always be a problem. If, for example, we take an air sample from the second floor of a property, we know that it is highly likely that any airborne mold spores will have travelled, through various ducts and vents, down to the first floor.

Step 5

After we have gathered all the required data, we will send all our samples (either swab, and/or air) to the laboratory for scientific analysis. After we have the lab results in our hands, and those results confirm that mold growth has in fact been detected, we will show those reports to you. And with them we will provide you with a comprehensive, detailed report, explaining all our findings, and giving you recommendations for mold remediation.